Naruto Shippuden Episode 456 English Subbed

If you want to watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 456 English Subbed free episodes withal and high quality commercial the right website. Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 456 English Subbed and different scenes in amazing streaming free of charge. Stream Naruto Shippuden Episode 456 English Subbed on the web. Jūzō asks Itachi about Duy, and tells him how he single-handedly defeated four of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Jūzō and Itachi briefly discuss their specialties. The two carry out an assassination. Akatsuki gathers, and Pain fills the others in on Akatsuki’s progress and growing reputation. He informs them about the plan to gather the Tailed Beasts. Jūzō is given a mission in the Land of Water, to his displeasure. To prevent being taken by hunter-nin, Jūzō instructs Itachi to kill him if he is captured. The two complete their mission, but are pursued by Yagura and Kiri Anbu. Jūzō and Itachi fight them, taking out the Anbu, but Yagura channels Isobu’s power. Yagura paralyses Itachi, but Jūzō frees him. Yagura aims a Tailed Beast Ball at them, which Jūzō blocks at the cost of his sword, part of which impales him. Itachi awakens Amaterasu, leaving Yagura at the brink of death. Jūzō dies from his injury. At the next Akatsuki gathering, Kakuzu’s partner is also revealed to have been killed, by Kakuzu himself. Orochimaru tries to attack Itachi to take over his body, but is defeated. Pain assigns Kisame to be Itachi’s new partner.

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