Sesame Street Season 46 Episode 13

If you want to watch Sesame Street Season 46 Episode 13 free episodes withal and high quality commercial the right website. Watch Sesame Street Season 46 Episode 13 and different scenes in amazing streaming free of charge. Stream Sesame Street Season 46 Episode 13 on the web. Zoe, Abby and Rosita finish playing a game and Zoe and Abby decide they should make up a princess story, though Rosita would rather play ball instead. The other two convince her to help, even though Rosita doesn’t think she’ll be good at it. Leela passes by and they recruit her to write down their story. Zoe and Abby both come up with names for their princess (Lucinda and Lula) and when they consult Rosita for her opinion, she says she likes both, so they give her both names. Next, they put the princess stuck in a tower. Zoe thinks a prince should rescue her, while Abby suggests a fairy godmother save her. They ask Rosita, who thinks she should rescue herself, a change they all like.

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