Sesame Street Season 46 Episode 5

If you want to watch Sesame Street Season 46 Episode 5 free episodes withal and high quality commercial the right website. Watch Sesame Street Season 46 Episode 5 and different scenes in amazing streaming free of charge. Stream Sesame Street Season 46 Episode 5 on the web. Elmo and Abby notice the exterior Hooper’s Store is covered with decorations (which is unpleasant to Oscar). They see Grover adding more to the area, tossing balloons, snacks and confetti everywhere. He explains he’s throwing a “farm fiesta,” a party for farm animals. He’s certain that since everything seems pleasing to him, the animals will like it too. The farm animals (a cow, pig and chicken) arrive and the gang surprises them, causing the animals to panic and separate. Grover doesn’t understand what’s happening and Abby points out that he needs to think of what the animals might like over his own interests. They call the animals back by imitating their sounds.

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